Child In Me

I found myself in a place away from now, it was when I was driving, guess I was crying for the first time in a while I was but a child when I knew fear, so I clung to your hand But when I turned back, you’d vanished and the next time we were strangers […]

Little Girl Smiling

She checks her reflection, to put her smile in place For this she must do, to greet the world She’s calm and she’s cool and there’s never a trace Of what might be going on inside So set is she with that veil on her face That her heart’s never been released Chorus: She’s a […]


Sometimes you fool me Sometimes I even fool myself But when my heart’s being pulled like this I start to feel a little flustered What the hell am I feeling? Won’t someone please answer that for me It’s when your eyes flinch like that, search like that, and try to pry me open like that […]

My Place

I can only sit and wonder, why I didn’t let you in My heart felt like it was floating, seeing the spark still in you eyes Your smile is so real it feels like a serenading Strange how that smile seems to cause me to back away I can only sit appalled, at why I […]

A Part of Me

On my tear stained pillow I can hardly breathe My heart cries with yours And the world keeps moving along God, can you hear me? Help me understand what’s going on It’ll be alright in the end, I know But it’s hard to see that right now Chorus: Cuz all I can feel is you […]

And One Day You’ll Know

Did you know, I was crying when you came into our world I was crying, when I first held you in my arms And one day you’ll know that life can be dark sometimes So dark you just don’t know where to turn Did you know, when tears would fall I’d have to run over […]

Mysterious You

I know I haven’t known you for very long But something in your eyes reminds me of how I used to be And I guess that was enough for chance to place you Into a part of my heart There’s a way you walk around in this world With your unbreakable air and your cool […]


Why do I stand there smiling, like I’m afraid you’ll see me otherwise Why do I stand there smiling, when what I really want is tears to relieve me Why do I sit here waiting, like it’ll all fall into place Why do I sit here waiting, is it I’m waiting or a fear of […]

Blue Eyes

At times when I’m sitting by myself like now I start to feel a little scared, a little teary-eyed, unsure My mind starts to run in circles and I start to wonder why Why so suddenly my fears my tears my dear, what is the reason? But then I find I have to question a […]

What Do You Do?

I woke up, early this morning Just to find life leering at me What do you do, when you find your frustrations Stare you in the face, what do you do? I think of the times of pure exhilaration The times when my heart sings through me Sharing the stories of life paired with a […]

Back To My Soul

Take me away, to a place I understand how to make sense of everything Like why do you all enter my life and effect me so? I want to know I must have known you before, Somewhere in time, before It’s only a matter of time, before, I know It is when I see myself […]

Wedding Song

Every time there was a star in the sky, the little girl would pray “Bring me my one true love, bring him to me” And through the years when she was brave enough She’d show her heart for a few to see But each time her heart would say, “he’s not the one for me” […]

Miss You Love You

As I lie here and stare at the candle flame I wonder if you ever feel the same? Hey, you over there, it’s been a long time I’m here again, coming to you and I don’t know why You pull me out of hiding, now I’m finding we’re not through So talk to me I’m […]

Meet You There

I remember the first time we met You turned away from me, like I’d offended It’s something I’ve tried to forget And I can’t help but wonder, was it where I’m from, or the way I look you regret? What if you gave beauty a chance? If it’s within me, will you love me for […]


Something in the air feels like fear Hides away all you hold dear Dark nights full of tears Wait for the light to reappear In the light we can’t hide, it makes everything clear And you’re meant to shine, it’s why you’re here Find yourself alone, wonderin’ how To go on when you’re pushed down […]

Little Angel

Little Angel, your face is everywhere today Pure, precious beauty, how can we comprehend? All that we can do, is send a prayer your way And we’ll close our eyes and feel you Your soul is here, near us now CHORUS: Go to sleep little angel Go to sleep, beautiful soul (2x) Your loved ones […]