Mini Photo Journal: Creating Music, and Woodstock, Equals My Idea of Magic <3 

red flowers

This summer so far I’ve been creating a good deal. I’m not usually one to pump out a huge quantity of creations, but rather one who creates a few that I invest everything into. I nitpick and refine until they are what I feel are the best quality and version they can be. It takes more time than you would think, and it can be tedious! But in the end it always ends up being rewarding, as it’s what the creations and I need.

Amidst all of this, I am happy. I am truly happy creating. Maybe because I already recorded an album where I was creating mostly with expectation, with some kind of reward or end result in mind. But now that I’ve experienced and processed all of that, I am now at a point where I am really and truly creating just because I want to. Because my heart needs to, to feel light. Of course there’s always the money issue when you are a recording artist, but I’ve decided to not let that bother me, I will just enjoy the moments fully and know that I am making something that I can leave behind in this world. This is not to say that any reward would ever be turned away 😉

I felt the oh so familiar gnawing desire in me yet again – the one I know I can never escape – but this time, I acted on it. And now I find myself in the studio with an amazing producer, and I am just so very happy and fulfilled seeing my songs come to life. I am truly blessed that I have the opportunity to witness and experience this.

Although there’s still some to do before the songs will be ready, I decided it’d be a nice time for a mini weekend getaway to Woodstock :) A place Joseph and I go to often. A cute, artistic town full of character and of course, creativity! I felt it would be a nice break from writing and rewriting music, for a bit. To remove myself from it for a little while so I can come back with a sparkly clean, refreshed perspective.

And refreshing, this trip was! We stayed at a Bed and Breakfast, so of course the breakfasts were beautiful.

At night, we walked to the back of the B & B and I was truly excited at the view – the sunset was beautiful and the trees looked heart-shaped to me, what do you think??

Tree of Hearts

Of course because we were in the Catskills, we had to sneak in a hike even though it was supposed to be a relaxing getaway. But this one was short and I felt like a little wood fairy sitting under this enchanting structure, on the wooden benches.

Bench Princess

It was especially rewarding when we came upon this lake, full of lily pads! We stayed here a bit and I was able to get a shot of Joseph doing the yoga pose, Warrior 2!

Lady of the Lake

Warrior 2

A stop to the Garden Cafe is always a must for us, one of our favorites! It has healthy, absolutely delish vegan food, and the best kale – I do love my kale! I ordered a vegetable lasagna and we shared a yummy chocolate beer float, with vegan ice cream in it, it was heaven!

It was definitely a happy little nice getaway :)

Red Onion

As we packed to go home I felt I wasn’t quite done yet with being in this beautiful part of NY. So we stopped by a little farm and picked up some local fresh produce, and as we drove along the little road, I saw a sign that said “Clinton Vineyards” out of the corner of my eye. Yes! Another little adventure before going home! I convinced Joseph to follow the signs and we ended up in a beautiful vineyard! I was ecstatic.

We tasted their wines, purchased a couple of bottles including their award winning Cassis – a lovely black currant dessert wine. Then we walked outside into the vineyards. It was absolutely beautiful, and there were plenty of grapes growing among the vines.

What a nice little surprise excuse to elongate the trip just a bit, which happened because I saw some signs to a vineyard. I think the best adventures while traveling are when you find unexpected little gems while just wandering around, when you’re not even looking for them <3

I was truly able to remove myself from my world for a little while, and come back with that sparkly clean, refreshed perspective. I feel new and am ready and excited to go back into the studio to make some more music! Music makes my world go round, and life can be quite intriguing, can’t it?

Clinton Vineyards

A Mishmash of Magical Manifestations, YES!! (and my music is now on Pandora!!)


Right now, I’m feeling like a butterfly <3 A sparkling one with shimmery iridescent wings. And I feel like I want to dust my shine onto every living thing! (You may as well call me Tinkerbell, you can start now)

Though it’s taken a little more than a few steps to get here. However, I do know that this feeling will last but a few moments in time, and I will have the honor of going through all the other states of being again, that I’m learning to embrace. Yes, even the icky ones! The icky ones are what make the pretty ones even sweeter, yes? And they are also the ones that allow me to feel sorry for myself once in a while, and just sit on the couch watching trashy TV for an evening, guilt free – I mean, what ELSE am I supposed to do, I feel CRAPPY!

I’ve been experimenting with the art of manifesting, and learning a thing or two. It’s pretty enchanting, I must say. I don’t have the answers, but I can tell you a little something about how it’s played in my life recently.

Sometimes I make goals and push forward to make them happen, no matter what. Sometimes I specifically go for something BECAUSE it’s terrifying, and the fear is the indicator that it’s what I’m to shoot for. And sometimes I just simply ask.

And through it all, I know that what’ll happen will happen. If I did my part, then all I can do is wait and see. And I know that things happen in their own time, when the time is right. And sometimes when they don’t happen right away, then I’m to learn some big lessons during the waiting period. And if they don’t happen at all, they weren’t meant to, and there’s a better path that’s a better fit for me.

Of course it’s difficult when what you want doesn’t happen, but one of my mentors once told me as I was despairing, to not worry because everything is in Divine Order. This thought never fails to bring me comfort.

I’ve always been drawn to NYC. My heart just lives there. It brings me so much joy and fulfillment when I’m there, and when I’m not, my heart longs to be there. External circumstances make it hard for me to just relocate there, but since my heart belongs there, I asked the Universe to give me more opportunities to go there. More excuses. All I did was ask, and now I find my schedule flooded with dates to be there. How magical is that? Ask and receive.

Last year I made my goal of going on a 10 mile hike. This year I upped the number to 12. I printed it clearly on my goals list. Joseph and I happened to be in NYC one day. He ended up acting as my angel, encouraging me to keep going when we hit 7-9 miles. I was tired and said this was not the day I’d walk 12 miles. We ended up walking 13+ miles that day. I made a goal, and pushed through. And the Universe sent me an angel to talk through Joseph to keep encouraging me, truly!

I’m in love with cards and stationary, and love to drop people notes in the mail, to make their day brighter. Since nobody really does that anymore, I asked for more reasons to send pretty cards. I blogged about it, and had the opportunity to write some readers! And I got snail mail back from places including Romania, how exotic!


I wanted more creativity in my life, so I sought out my favorite writer, Francesca Lia Block, ended up flying to CA and learning from her. It was such a precious experience! I also had a MARVELOUS time in CA! I also was scared to reach out to an amazing music mentor of mine, Tina Shafer, but I did anyway. We had a nice lunch together in the city and I’m so proud that I felt the fear and did it anyway. I will be learning so much more from her in the coming month, and she runs the famous Songwriter’s Circle at The Bitter End!

IMG_0907 copy

I also realize it’s important to thank people for what they do, even if they don’t even know they’ve helped you in some way. On impulse, I wrote an author of a book I read on France. She wrote right back, delighted that I’d written her and sent me 2 books on Tuscany and Istanbul for free! I also wrote a yoga teacher I admire and heard right back, with an offer to help me on my yogic and music path!

I’ve been wanting to go to a Wanderlust yoga & music festival for years now. I decided that I was just going to do it. No excuses. So I did! Had an amazing time, met and studied with teachers I admire such as Rodney Yee, Colleen Saidman, and Seane Corn! And learned that I have another calling that may happen more in the future – to incorporate yoga into my musical world, somehow.


I wanted the new, kind of pricey book written about the Wanderlust yoga festivals, and found one lone copy at Strand books in NYC, for half off! Of course I snatched that right off the shelf!

And lastly, and the one that makes me the most giddy today – MY MUSIC GOT ACCEPTED TO PANDORA RADIO!!!!! First, I LOVE Pandora!! It’s absolutely wonderful, and I’m so honored to be an official artist on there now. It’s a huge milestone for me. And second, it’s really about time! My album was released in 2011, and to tell you that it’s been a long wait is an understatement.


But now, as I’m actually getting ready to record some new tunes in the near future, I finally get rewarded for the work I put in several years ago. This is a classic example of something happening in the right time. Yes, I didn’t understand why things didn’t happen for me closer to the release date. But as I look back, I know there were so many things I had to learn before I could move on. So many life lessons. I truly needed this learning period.

I have not stopped trying to manifest things, and probably will never stop. I’m looking to create more this summer, and starting to think of some big, scary moves in the future, too. But it’s all so exciting as well as rewarding, and I’m looking forward to seeing what life has in store for me! Or maybe I should say, I’m excited to see what more I will make of my life.

When you want something, you just kind of have to go for it. And if it doesn’t happen, maybe it wasn’t meant to, or maybe there’s something better waiting. And remember, when in despair, think of what my mentor told me, that everything is in Divine Order <3

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” – Anais Nin