Miss You Love You – Single (2018)

Miss You Love You

Written by Kiyomi
Produced by Kevin Bents

(p) (c) 2018 Kiyomi Music LLC. All rights reserved.

Child In Me (2011)

Child In Me

  1. Child In Me
  2. Little Girl Smiling
  3. Flustered
  4. My Place
  5. A Part of Me
  6. And One Day You’ll Know
  7. Mysterious You
  8. Why
  9. Blue Eyes
  10. What Do You Do?
  11. Back To My Soul
  12. Child In Me Reprise

* All songs tell the story of my life, in chronological order. our specific experiences differ, but hearts feel the same way. I hope my songs can speak to you somehow…

A Part of Me (2008)

A Part of Me

  1. A Part of Me
  2. Flustered
  3. Little Girl Smiling
  4. Mysterious You
  5. My Place

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