Hi there! My name is Kiyomi and it means Pure Beauty. I’m a performing singer/songwriter, a recording artist, a writer, and a teacher. I sing and write about life, and finding the magic in it.

My biggest love has always been singing. I studied Classical and Theatre Voice and Studio Composition in college, though I like to rely mostly on my ear and inspirations when creating. I was once an extra in a movie called “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2”, which featured a close up of my face 🙂 I’m also a serious yogi, a lover of crystals, Goddesses, and am a natural skincare junkie! I have had my nose buried in a book ever since I can remember, and have kept a journal since I was 12.

I have just released a brand new single “Little Angel”, which I wrote right after a school shooting involving children. It was devastating for everyone, and the only way I could process it was to write the song. It flowed out of me quickly alongside my tears. It is produced by the amazing Kevin Bents, and I am so very proud of it. In 2011 I realized one of my biggest dreams and released my first full length album “Child in Me”, which I co-produced. All the songs tell the story of my life in chronological order. This body of work is literally a part of me. I am currently in the studio once again recording some new songs, with the most amazing producer by my side! Stay tuned for the release of some more new songs, maybe even an EP!

I’ve performed in my beloved NYC at venues such as The Bitter End and The Alphabet Lounge, and I’ve sang in Japan, Korea, and all across the US, including performances for foreign ambassadors and members of the UN. I’ve been played on numerous radio stations including currently Pandora, made appearances on local TV shows, and have been featured in local magazines and websites.

And as for the magic? I believe magic shows up every time we learn one of the many lessons or make one of the many realizations, in life. Magic shows up in our precious creations, too. For me, the process of creating often unveils it. It also tends to appear sometimes when we are lost and may not even know we are searching for it. But mostly it shows up when we love, because magic is mostly made up of love.

I believe we are all more alike than we are different, in this journey called life. Our hearts all feel the same emotions and learn the same lessons, so hopefully my music and words can reach that magical place in you that we all share.