Song Portrait: Blue Eyes (Plus a Lyric Video for it!!)

“Blue Eyes”, track #9 on my album, how did this song come about?

Well, there is that funky chord my music professor at the time gave me, and for homework he told me to write a song that involved it.

And there is that blue eyed guy I met at a wedding – I sang a song during it, he noticed me, and later he was dancing, and I noticed him. And then we got married.

But I’m skipping a few details here, just a few.

A psychic once told me that I would meet my next love interest at the end of a calendar year. He would be of average height and build, and he wore nice clothes (“grown up” clothes, was my interpretation!) to work. She said she just saw us dancing away, and that he had blue eyes.

When my friend invited me to her wedding in December, and I was dancing with a blue eyed guy during it, I didn’t think anything of it. I guess I couldn’t really tell if his eyes were blue because he was too shy to talk to me.

But a couple of months later when the same friend invited me back to her town to hang out, we met up with the blue eyed guy and it was then that I was able to get to know him. We had a lot of fun hanging out, and this time he was not too shy to talk to me. I learned that yes he is shy, but when he starts talking, particularly about a single thing that may peak his interest at the moment, he can keep talking!

I ended up in his car on the way to a comedy show, and talk about what peaked his interest at that moment, he did. He talked about how he had a cold and about his Comtrex (cold medicine)! And oh my god, he even SHOWED ME THE BOX!! And I thought wow, this is NOT the typical smooth talking guy 😀 And THIS is what drew me, how funny is that? This is when I knew there was something about him. It was that he seemed to truly care about me as a breathing human being, not because I sang nice or he liked the way I looked. And ultimately, I felt safe.

And the next day after we’d all crashed at my friend’s house, after the sun came up – that’s when I noticed his eyes were very blue. And I thought, oh my god, and I kind of knew.

We started a long distance relationship because I was in New York, and he was in North Carolina. I was in school at the time for Studio Composition. My professor David Gluck, during my private lesson, was fiddling around on the piano and played a really funky chord. We both stopped and thought, that’s a really cool chord. So his eyes lit up and he said that my assignment would be to write a song based on that chord.

As I was sitting in my room by my keyboard, trying to come up with a song, I started thinking of the blue eyed guy I was seeing once a month or so. And I started to get kind of scared. One of those fears that comes up when you know you may be starting something that will give you a glimpse into what a large part of your life may look like. One of those fears that comes up because you know you may be on the path that your heart may really get involved in. And when your heart gets involved, then that’s being vulnerable. And being vulnerable means you could get really hurt. And possibly getting hurt is icky, so sometimes it’s easier to run away before you can.

So I started to get scared and started thinking of all the what if scenarios, until my mind just kept going in circles and I made myself a little crazy. So I did what was best for me during times like these – I sat at my piano and started singing. And the melody and chords came out. And I started thinking that feeling, FEELING, is so much better that tucking your heart away out of fear, letting it collect dust. Being scared, and feeling tearful, living in a world of color is so much better than living in a gray world. Even if it’s putting yourself out there. And I realized that if I was going to put myself out there, then he was the right one to do it with. Because there was just something in his blue eyes that told me it was alright.

And the song was born 🙂

And finally I recorded a Lyric video for it, but to make it more interesting, I decided to record just the vocals live, so it would be different from the recording. The blue eyed guy helped me make it. And fyi, he does wear grown up clothes to work, (while my work style is still bohemian, though I’m technically a grown up now, and have been for a while :)). And if you go back into my journal entry from way back then, you’ll see a part of the Comtrex box taped into it. He might have found it odd back then, when I asked if I could have the box, or at least just a piece of it, but I think he gets it now 😉 And hey, it’s a special box with magical powers, it’s what drew me to mr blue eyes, otherwise known as Joseph 😉

So here it is, and I hope you like it <3 And share and like it if you do, after all, that’s the only way to get art out there into the world these days. Thanks for taking time out of your busy day for me, I appreciate it more than you know <3

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Blue Eyes

At times when I’m sitting by myself like now
I start to feel a little scared, a little teary-eyed, unsure
My mind starts to run in circles and I start to wonder why
Why so suddenly my fears my tears my dear, what is the reason?

But then I find I have to question a contemplating mind
What would a world be without some fears, some tears, and my dear
A dusty heart trying to keep beating in a gray world, it’d be
All of this going on inside me’s got me going kinda crazy

But there’s something in your blues eyes, something in your blue eyes
I couldn’t run away if I tried, somehow I know that it’s alright
Cuz there’s something in your blue eyes, in your blue eyes

So when I’m sitting here by myself like now
And I start to feel a little scared, a little teary-eyed, unsure
I know it in my heart I feel this all because I care
Now in this world with no reason can you stop a heart from feeling?