It’s My 2 Year Anniversary AND The Birthday of My NEW Website, la la la!! :D

So, two wondrous events take place in my life today, and the day is 11-29-2014! In case you don’t know, 11’s are one of my favorite numbers! (The month is an 11, the day is 2+9=11, and the overall day is an 11 (11+29+2014=2054, 2+5+4=11)) Hehe, ok I’m done with the nerd number talk!

The first cool thing is that Joseph has been working really hard to redesign my website, and we are launching it today!! Thanks to The Blogcademy I attended over the summer, I’ve been inspired to change up the look and feel of it, and was able to apply a lot of what I learned, so for that, I am grateful!! The artwork was done by Joseph with a little help from my sister Kei (and me buzzing around in the background with my input, maybe a little too much!). I just love the light, bright feel of it! And it features beautiful flowers, butterflies, and nature, all pretties that I love! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

I also realize that one of my purposes in life is to create, and keep creating. Well, I’ve always known that but I didn’t specifically know how. I hope that the redesign conveys this a little better. I think that my music and my writing helps the listeners and readers to find the magic in life. At least I hope they do! I find that for me, creating always ends up in me realizing a new lesson or having a new insight on something. And I rarely have that in mind when I start. But somehow when I focus my whole being into whatever I’m creating, I end up seeing the magic of it all in the end – the reason why I had this experience, or why I felt called to write that specific song. It’s pretty amazing. So hopefully I can convey this somehow through my work, and show how there’s magic in everyone’s life if you really look.


(Photo: Islandia Lane)

It is also Joseph and I’s two year marriage anniversary! 🙂 I was scared to get married because I didn’t know what exactly that meant and how it would change things. I also had a sometimes difficult childhood that contributed to my fears. Maybe I’ll write about that one day. But with marriage, I guess it’s what you make of it! You just go with the flow and do your best. I guess nobody really knows how to be married, you just do it and you find out 😉 And of course everyone will have a different experience anyway.

And now 2 years later, I can say it was the best decision for me. I’ve been blessed with a guy who loves me no matter what, and who makes me feel safe and secure, feelings I have always craved but never was fortunate to have. I realize how this is the type of marriage that’s right for me, being someone with such big dreams. It’s been so essential for my growth as a musician and dreamer. And because of the security and love in my relationship, I have the luxury of having plenty of me left for my dreams.

In honor of our marriage in 2012, I wrote a song called “Wedding Song”. I also recorded a video of it, so I’d like to end with it. I hope you like it, and my new website, too! <3

“Wedding Song”

Every time there was a star in the sky, the little girl would pray
“Bring me my one true love, bring him to me”
And through the years when she was brave enough,
she’d show her heart for a few to see
But each time her heart would say, “he’s not the one for me”
The first time he saw her, she was singing a song happily
And later he was dancing, and was shy as can be
And through his awkward conversation, she recognized his soul somehow
And this is when her heart said that he might be the one for me


All we can be, is who we are, in our hearts
And i thank you for singing my song, when i don’t remember how it goes
For loving me, for who i am
And through the years there was laughter, and other times there were tears
But through it all still together, still hand in hand
And he becomes the man she asked for, more and more everyday
So her heart asked her angel, “Will he be the one for me?”


All we can be, is who we are, in our hearts
And i thank you for singing my song, when i don’t remember how it goes
For loving me, for who i am