Free Download of My WOS Radio Top 20 Song!! (and SO many gifts from the universe <3)


i was ELATED when i got an email from Women of Substance Radio saying that my cover song made it to their Top 20 list, i felt as if i’d come home 🙂 and i’m not sure if you’ve had the chance to hear it, but i wanted to offer it to you as a gift as a free download! (it’s at the bottom of this post!)

i don’t know about you, but i’ve been feeling very heavy and blah lately, and with an extra dose of stress, mostly self created! i’ve been running around in circles literally, AND in my head, and i don’t know if it’s because of something astrology refers to as the Mercury Retrograde or not, though i have a strong feeling it plays more than a minor role.

(if you don’t know what a Mercury Retrograde is and are interested to know more, this is a great post on it, by the lovely Gala Darling! “How to Survive Mercury Retrograde“)

so how did my overall being respond to all this? my body went wackadoodles. i got up on sunday, and all of a sudden was keeling over from nausea, then i couldn’t do anything but lay down. and i wasn’t normal for 3 days. really?!

and of course i knew inside that my body was screaming to get my attention, trying to get me to slow down. it has been for a while, but i’d been ignoring it, so hence, the sickness. joseph and i even went away on vacation to Cape Cod, and there too, i was running around trying to get things done, visit all the sights, eat at the great seafood places, walk the beaches, oh my goodness. it was a beautiful time, but really, sometimes you&rsquo;ve gotta stop DOING, and just relax. my body clearly told me i&rsquo;ve been doing enough, and more importantly, that i AM enough.

so this morning i got up, finally feeling almost like my normal self. i decided to do some yoga. and i ALLOWED myself for a full 40 minutes, to just enjoy it and not worry at all about anything else. i told myself there was nowhere i had to be and nothing i had to do but yoga right now. and i felt my body relax and breathe, and i was truly able enjoy the poses because i was fully there. i was able to get back into myself, to hear myself, what my heart had to say. and i sat down right afterwards, and started scribbling in my notebook, where literally everything for this blog poured out of me in minutes with no effort. it was like my spirit had been needing me to get rid of all the white noise buzzing around, so it could be heard.

and just like the Universe does all the time, it sent me a message, just when i needed to hear it. today it came through an email mailer from the funny and adorably one-of-a-kind Paige Z. in it, she wrote “Part of your journey is reflection and pause. It is vital.” so true <3 and that was the confirmation that this was the message for me today.

and how funny is that? that my head somehow THINKS that buzzing around like a busy bee is going to get me further on my path, but really, it’s when i slowed down that i was able to get to the good stuff. what a concept!

so, since i was given many little gifts today, i’d like to give you a gift, my cover song of “Fields of Gold”. i AM truly a musician at heart, after all. and this is what my soul is crying out for me to do. share my music. so now, if you’d like, download my song and take some time for yourself as you listen to some music. music made with love, oh so much love <3

Fields of Gold