A 10 of Pentacles Kind of March :D


So I’ve been finding myself seriously interested in Tarot cards recently.  i’ve always had a fascination for them, and in the past have had a fear of them, but not until recently have i been seriously studying them, or at least dealing with them everyday.
i have a card-a-day ritual, where i pull a card every morning, right when i wake up while i’m still almost half asleep.  that way i’m still not quite in this world yet and not fully conscious.  doing this everyday actually helps me to see what each card i pull is really actually about, because i’m able to learn by living the moments, seeing with my own eyes, and feeling the meaning of the cards.  i also had done an entire 2014, monthly card draw (back in Jan), and for the month of march, i’d pulled the 10 of Pentacles.

so what does this card mean, and has the happenings of this month turned out to be reflective of it?

well, since i’m still a novice in card reading, i had looked to some books for some insight.  10 Pentacles means massive abundance & wealth.  a cycle has come to an end and a turn to the more spiritual side of life.  a happy home card.  mundane but magic.  success, culmination, financial stability.  the card shows a gateway in the picture, a doorway into a city.  an entrance to the magical space between desire for abundance and its physical manifestation.  completion, an applause at the end of the show.  which of course means, you’re back to the beginning, of a new cycle.  coolio.


well, both joseph and i’s birthdays happen to lie in march.  so that in itself signified a 10 of Pentacles kind of march 🙂 one of my gifts to him was to take him to a wine and food dinner pairing at Le Jardin Du Roi.  we’d been there once before, and i’d ordered one of my favorites, salad nicoise, and it was absolutely delish, not to forget to mention the wine 🙂 anyway, this dinner happened to be on a tuesday, which we would normally not have gone to had it not been joseph’s birthday.  we were a bit tired, and it being a work night and all, i was wondering what to expect in terms of me being up for it.  but we went because i’d already reserved our spots.  and it happened to be the loveliest evening ever!  (although the wine flowed a little toooo freely, heh heh!)  i happened to be seated next to the nicest woman, and our personalities just totally clicked!  it’s like one of those situations where you meet someone and there’s an instant spark, and a knowing that your souls are of the same kind 🙂


anyway, we’d planned an impromptu getaway to California a few days before that dinner, and it happened that this woman always goes there, and i was able to take a handful of notes on where to go and what to do.  it was like she was planted there so she could help us have a lovely time in cali, since we’d literally booked the trip a little over a week before we were to go, and had no plans whatsoever besides a place to stay.  and somehow i don’t feel like this is the only reason we met that night 🙂 but that’s for time to reveal.


and of course, our trip to LA and Santa Barbara!  i’d just had it up to my head with the nonstop snow and cold weather, so i said, “i’d love to go to CA”.  so we went, it was as simple as that.  but really, i figure, life is short, why not just do the things you want to do?  not to mention, it’s on the list of my to do’s, and has been for a couple years already!  and really, yes there’s always, “we need to save money for this and that”, but i think that paying for memories, is an amazing investment.  also, it was our birthdays!!  annnd, we had already decided to go no matter what, but a little after the decision was made, joseph got a bonus from work, so i felt like it was a beautiful gift and a push from the Universe to go 


and a wonderful time we had there.  we stayed in the most beautiful, artistic, funkadelic b&b ever, owned by the artists who made it that way.  i especially loved the bathroom window, there was a huge cactus right outside it!  we hiked and hiked, one of our loves.  we drank a million green juices and ate a ton of exotic foods.  we found my most perfect ever, dusty rose colored heart ring, also on my to do list.  (my word of the year is “love”, and i’d been looking for a heart ring to symbolize that).  i read the most beautiful book by Cheryl Strayed, “Wild”.  and of course, we visited the southern cali wine country and stayed in the town of Solvang, the area where the wine movie i love, “Sideways” was filmed.  it was magical…and of course the weather was delicious!!


the majority of my family happens to have our birthdays in march, yes, weird!, so we also had a few family birthday lunches out this month.  my family is the best!  and my friend Amber had a ceremony for her 6 month old, which happened in March as well.  definitely the family card energy here.

so yes, i’d say it was a wonderful month, full of the 10 of Pentacles energy.  and i do think i’ve entered a gateway of some sort, that happened this month.  i can’t really put it into words just yet, as it’s still just a feeling.  but again, time will tell.


and lastly by the way, today’s card of the day happens to be the Knight of Cups.  i pulled this the last time Joseph came home from NC, leading me to believe that he represents this particular knight, especially when coming home.  but i feel i also pull it when i’m supposed to do something besides waiting for my life to become even more resemblant of my dreams, when i need to take action of some sort.  i pulled it the day before yesterday when i felt the need to write, but that didn’t happen.  so of course it appeared again today, telling me to take action yet again, and this time i did!  by writing this blog today.  woohoo!!