My Valentine’s Day 2014 <3


i’m not so big on commercial holidays really, but i wanted to share about my Valentine’s Day this year 🙂 i just realize that i’m so very grateful for the life and love i have today, and i don’t want to ever take it for granted although i know i sometimes may. i also want to keep it in mind even more so, because i realize this day can be a difficult one for many people, both single and coupled. single, because you can feel lonely especially if you don’t have a date, and for everyone, because there can be so much expectation involved. so i just wanted to acknowledge my gratitude that i have the kindest guy by my side, and we enjoyed the day, just like it was any other day, no matter what came our way 🙂

last year joseph surprised me with flowers before Valentine’s day, and it really did surprise me 🙂 this year, however, it snow stormed and we were stuck in the house, and everything was closed! luckily i had bought some bacon chocolate (yes, i said bacon and it’s delish!) earlier for joseph, and had written my card for him during the snowstorm. and i had woken up to a beautiful hand made card, with the soundtrack to “Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812”, a show that we had just watched and enjoyed in NYC, on my iPhone!


we had agreed on no presents and just dinner, but on the day of, it was pretty icky out and joseph left the house saying he was going to get some fresh air and listen to some music. hmmm, now he never does this ever, so i knew something was up, heh heh 🙂 and he came back with some beautiful roses for me, and they smelled DIVINE! and i pressed some of the petals like i usually do for my journal, and dried some whole roses as well. and they made me happy cuz flowers always make me happy! 🙂



later we ventured out because we had made reservations to a wonderful restaurant, Mint, and oh my goodness was it worth it!! i was even able to check off one of my “to do”’s (i have many, and will hopefully get around to writing about them soon!) for 2014, which was to try foie gras! it was so amazing and seared and melty on my tongue-y, and the caramelized pears under it was so perfect with it, oh my goshhh!! they also gave us some complimentary salami, my favorite kind, some truffled brie, and some amaaaazing smoked paprika aged cheddar.


although we try to eat vegetarian at least half the time, special occasions call for something separate from the norm, so i ordered a lobster tail that came with a roasted acorn squash stuffed with parmesan & lobster risotto, and i was in absolute heaven. joseph ordered a ribeye steak that ended up being bigger than his head, and he literally looked like he was on some planet in heaven when he tasted it 😀


for dessert we often times like to get creme brûlée, but decided on a strawberry shortcake, and it came out and was heart shaped! the whole dinner, paired with some prosecco made the evening special and we had such a lovely time! and i must say, one thing i particularly love about good food and wine is that when you are enjoying it, you can honestly say that you are truly in the moment.

i guess another way we were able to truly enjoy ourselves was that we didn’t try so hard to make it perfect. and it ended up being so because of that 🙂 we knew that no matter what happened, it would be good because we just WERE!


to end i wanted to leave you with a quote, because this quote came to me twice within a few days, from two different sources and i found that slightly eerie, but in a good way. and i took it to mean that i should pay attention to it somehow, or maybe get it out there somehow. so here it is,

“The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself” ~Anna Quindlen

Love, Roses, & Prosecco,