A Tarot Cards & Butternut Squash Soup Kinda Sunday


Today ended up being a lovely little Sunday, really. I’m all about action, action, and have a hard time staying at home for an entire day. I’ll usually have to barge out the door and find something to do to get me out! but today i found myself content to stay in. although it can be a little frightening for me to do “nothing” (i mean, HOW am i going further realize my dreams by doing NOTHING??), maybe part of being able to realize them comes through the down time 🙂 and honestly, most of the time the “action” i take towards my dreams is to sit down and fret about how to get to them! which in actuality is really doing nothing, isn’t it, haha! so what if we stopped worrying about getting where we want to be, and just let life happen? would we get to the land of the roses, rainbows, and gold anyway? hmm. something tells me yes!


My week started off pretty well because i got a Tarot card reading done last friday! it was a wonderful reading, and somehow through it, i felt connected to a source that just KNOWS. in my opinion, it doesn’t have to be Tarot, if that’s not your thing. i just think that if you’re searching for answers, or trying to find ways to expand yourself and grow, whatever method that’s used can be instrumental to help. and i’ve most definitely tried anything and everything! i read somewhere that this is a good attitude to have. to just try anything that may call to you, because everything works if your heart’s right! i’ve tried and still practice: journaling, meditation, sometimes prayer, MUSIC, composing, yoga, the gym, hiking, psychics, reading TONS of books on every subject, cooking, crystals, candles, Buddha, numerology, and i think i’ll stop there but the list goes on! …So my reading went well, it was intuitive and i connected to it, and it left me feeling refreshed and inspired to keep going!

so today i dedicated my day to Tarot, cooking, and writing this blog 🙂 because i was so inspired by the Tarot reading i got, i took out the two decks of cards i own, and a new unread book i bought previously called “Seventy Eight Degrees of Wisdom”, spread them around me on my bed and got to studying! i just find it all so fascinating, and there is just so much to learn! i’ve already read a handful of books on Tarot, and have done numerous readings on myself, but today i found that i wanted to further my limited knowledge. i also wanted to read up more on the Empress card because my recent reading said i would become this within a year! according to my studies on it so far, it means feminine, creative, motherlike, abundant, and full of joy. sounds cool to me! 😉 and hopefully i will also one day become a very efficient and intuitive Tarot card reader, now that would be verrry cool too!!

although i was STUCK to my cards and book for much of the day, i did get up to make some food so we wouldn’t die of starvation. a week or so before, we had gone to the farmers market in town with the most beautiful produce. i had seen a butternut squash and bought it because it was so pretty, and because everyone buys pumpkins and squash in the fall, and it had been sitting on my counter for a little bit. so i picked it up and decided it would be the perfect day for some soup, it being chilly and all 🙂

i first got out my favorite cherry-red dutch oven that i got for christmas one year, and sautéed a chopped onion and some garlic in butter. then i added a chopped large carrot, a stalk of celery and some chicken broth, then the whole small butternut squash that i’d cubed. such a PERFECT one it was, because it was straight from one of the local farms and it was vibrant orange in color inside with such a fresh, sweet scent when cut open. things like this inspire me! 😉 and then my secret ingredients, a small peeled and cored chopped apple for some extra freshness and sweetness, a small sweet potato (or a small regular potato with a dollop of honey) for heartiness, and some marscapone cheese stirred in in the end, for richness! then some salt, pepper, a little dash of pumpkin pie spice, and then i blend, blend, blended, till it was silky smooth 🙂 i now call it “Kiki’s Butternut Squash Soup”, hehe! AND Mr finicky eater Joseph said it was delicious, so success, woohoo!

and now that i’m at the end of writing this blog, success here too, along with a productive day of studying Tarot, what more could i ask for on this chilly Sunday? Well, i guess today is a great example for me, of how a day in could be such a treasure sometimes. Nowwww, what to do till i go to sleep tonight?? 😉