How Little Angels Came To Be

The year was flying to an end and I’d been wanting to fill out a 2013 planner and workbook, one that leads you to set goals for the new year, and reflect on the year before. It was mid-December and i had it all ready so i could begin writing in it. but i couldn’t. i didn’t feel the time was right yet. the year wasn’t even over yet. even if there were only 2 weeks left and one of the weeks was all holidays and vacation, the year still wasn’t over! and i felt like i hadn’t completed it.

i was waiting for something to happen, something so the year would end on a more fulfilling note, so i could feel a sense of completion. it was also around the time the Sandy Hook shooting had happened, and my spirit was feeling fragile and my soul felt starved. it didn’t feel at all like a good ending to 2012. i needed beauty to feed my soul, to help me to a better place. and i also wanted to do whatever i could however small, to help others feel less fragile too.

As you know i completed my album “Child In Me” in 2011. After that my spirit needed a rest. i felt no urge or desire to write anymore, i think i was just spent. i was in creative hiding for over a year. and it came to the point where i was scared i would never feel the urge to compose music again, i just felt nothing for it in my heart. So when i felt the urgent need to do so after the Sandy Hook shooting, i was thrown a bit off. it was an unexpected but so very welcome and needed miracle for me.

Songwriting can be a battle for me sometimes. my heart NEEDS to do it, but my head and body just don’t want to do all the work! but i was easily lead through this song, and it was a very welcome change to the musical deadness i’d been feeling. maybe it was easier because i wasn’t letting my sometimes negative feelings about the songwriting process block me from creating because it was for a bigger purpose. i just wanted people to feel a little comfort.

my horoscope the day i started writing had also said for me to pay attention to any inspirations i may have. so when i felt the urge, i sat myself down at my keyboard. anytime i’d take a break from it, i’d find myself continually getting urges to complete the song. i was running on my Wii while watching tv, and they were covering the shooting. tears were streaming down my face, my heart was aching, and i was sobbing. and i had to sit down again to write, just to feel some solace. anytime i was doing something other that writing the song, ideas for it would come floating through me and i’d have to run back to my keyboard to where my notebook was to write it all down. Lyrics, melody lines, inspirations, kept flowing through me.

i had all of it done but the 2nd verse lyrics, and when i sang through everything and was going to call it a night, i found myself having to pick up my pen again, and i just wrote and wrote and finished that too. i finished it in 2 days, and by then my voice was hoarse from singing nonstop. but i knew i needed to record it somehow, before the holidays. so i contacted my musician friend Rich Berta, who graciously came in on a few days notice, and i worked with Joseph for a couple of days on the djembe, and we were able to record the video of the song “Little Angels (Sending a Prayer Your Way)”.

writing the song brought some healing for me, and i humbly thank the Universe for it. it felt like a gift that was handed to me, to somehow urge me on, like the universe was whispering encouragement to me. it helped me finally feel free to celebrate the ending of 2012. and it helped me realize over again, that if i just ask, if i just believe and stay open, i can receive what my soul needs.

i’m hoping that the song can bring some healing to others as well. nothing can take away the heartache from this, but i hope the healing can take place through time, and through beauty. and i do somehow believe they are in a better place, even though their departures were untimely. Sleep in peace Little Angels, Sleep in peace, Beautiful Souls.


I have plans to studio record this song, but for now here’s a free audio version of the video of the song, click the link below: