my hope-filled mood, and meditation, makes this a chicken noodle soup kinda day

i wake up full of hope today, knowing two things – that we now have to work TOGETHER to be able to get anywhere Higher, (after all we are the UNITED states of america), and that in order for me to get the chicken soup i crave, i have to MAKE it, (there’s just no other way). ha. ;D


i do love cooking when i’m in the mood, but sadly not when i have to. (otherwise it feels like a chore!!) it can be calming, it can be meditative, it soothes the soul and the sense of accomplishment i feel when i’ve finished creating something nourishing and delicious gives me the occasional boost i need. so as i’m filling my big stock pot with water, i’m musing, and while i’m separating the chicken meat from its bones and dropping into the pot all of what remains of the carcass, i’m musing. (to make real chicken soup, you need real chicken stock :wink:) i cut up a couple carrots, onions, several stalks of celery, smash some garlic cloves and add it all to the pot. i also add in a teaspoon or so of whole peppercorns, and throw in 3 lovely Turkish bay leaves. they are so healthy and vibrant that some of them are 4 inches long! and lastly i add all the juices from the roasted chicken, put a lid on the lot and set the timer for a couple hours.

while the fire from the stove under the pot is doing it’s magic, i step into my tub for a shower… the hot water feels good, and while i’m working my sweet-smelling shea butter soap into a creamy lather, i’m musing. i’m thinking about how amazing and centered i’ve been feeling ever since i decided to give a 21 day meditation challenge a go. i’ve only been at it for a couple of days so far for this particular round, but i already feel like a new person. for the past month or so, i’ve been feeling very blue and immersed in feelings of hopelessness and a lack of inspiration. i’ve felt stuck and like i’ve been hitting brick wall after brick wall. i haven’t really had the heart to try anything more, but i made myself try the meditation. and now, a bright new shiny Kiyomi 🙂 and once you get into the right state, then so many things that you love can be forms of meditation! like for me, cooking, singing, taking baths, composing…


i’m feeling full of hope today, and by the time i get to my desk, my place is taken over by the rich, warm, magical aroma of chicken broth and i’m urged to write this blog, full of my earlier musings. and i’ve also gained more inspiration to write a piece on one of my songs (that will hopefully & most likely get published in an online magazine that i love, soon!!) i’m hopeful for America, praying that we can all work together to create a nation that we can all be proud of and thrive in. after all, we deserve it and why would any of us want to limit that possibility?


and now i must INSPIRE myself to finish making the chicken noodle soup from the broth that’s now done (timer just dinged), so that i can share a bowl of the liquid gold with my loved ones 😉