an Angel inspired me…

i thought i’d write today, and ignore all the thoughts of inadequacy i have towards myself that too often stop my creative process before it begins. unfortunately this happens more times than i’d like to admit. so today i will ignore thoughts of not being good enough, of thinking nobody’s going to read this anyway so what’s the point, of never making deadlines i set for myself so why bother, etc. today i will block all this out and just write.

i read a quote in a bk this morning – “Writing is like driving at night. you cannot see beyond your headlights…but you can make the whole trip that way!” hmm, i’d say the same could be said about life. there’s an element of wonder in all this, though, to see how everything will turn out since you can’t really know the result during the process. i had to create my whole album that way. and yes, it was wonder-full and rewarding to see the end product after all the night driving i did to get there

so what’s inspiring me at the current moment? well, i’ve had a little idea brewing for a bit now, i thought i’d start a series of blogs starting the next one, i think i’ll call it “Song Portraits”. but i will not set deadlines because the perfectionist in me will prohibit me from getting very far if i miss one or god only knows what may shut me down! Anyway, i’ll write about what the song is about to me, what inspired it, maybe the messages that may be unclear to the listeners initially…paint a portrait of it for you, really and since my goal is to share my music with everyone, i’ll give you the download of the song i’m writing about.

and the other source of inspiration i have right now is a very dear friend and mentor of mine who is 75 years old. i couldn’t have finished my album or come to this point in my life as a sane person without my monthly talks with her. she has been an angel sent to me to navigate this world. unfortunately yesterday i got the news from her daughter that she is in the hospital and we all must prepare to say goodbye, most likely. so this, and so many of my past creations and future ones is for her.