thoughts after a peek-a-boo egg…

Just finished a peek-a-boo egg and the whole time i had thoughts of what i would write about in this new blog. it’s been months since i’ve written one, and i finally cracked and decided to go for it instead of hiding. not only have i been hiding from writing, but from songwriting as well, and it’s been taking a toll on my spirit. but that’s over now, as of 2 days ago! i’m blooming once more …or starting to, at least.

A couple days ago I made an agreement with what i will call the Higher world, and decided that for 9 days i would write in my journal (or blog!), and sit at my piano for at least an hour everyday, among other things. so far it’s left me feeling refreshed and almost new. The writing has calmed me down some, and has helped me to delve deeper into myself to see what might be lying there. it has taken me much courage to initiate all of this because sometimes when you delve deep, you may find something you don’t want to find. but i think i’ve taken the necessary time and am ready to see what’s in there. it’s taken me a bit just to get to this point, but i was rewarded with some song lyrics about all of this a few wks ago! And when i sat at my piano yesterday, ideas flew through me, which i’m grateful for! At least i know that if i create, no matter what i may be going through, i can find solace at least for a little bit

Today’s journal entry did make me realize all that i have to be grateful for though, (so many things!!) so i will focus on that for as long as i can! And i have been meaning to do a cover to post on all of my pages of a Sarah MacLachlan song called “U Want Me 2”. First off, i her, her music and her as a person inspires me to no end. so i thought it appropriate to do one of her songs. the plan as of now is to do this tomorrow, so hopefully i can share it soon! Music heals, and my goal still remains the same, i hope to impact people with it in whatever way i can. I want to somehow heal something in others -whatever it may be- just the way it heals me