smelling the flowers…

I am worn out, and have been for a few weeks or so… Yet i find the need to punish myself for not delivering harder! what is wrong with this picture?? oh, so many things, i say… so i must put into practice the idea of resting and letting the universe (or others) take over, after having put in the hard work and effort. not easy for me to sit around, but at this point i really don’t have much to do but wait for the editing and mixing to be done! which is a good thing now i must focus on smelling the very flowers that i always talk about smelling, lol!

two things that have helped me relax and feel at peace inside this week -yesterday i went to an intense yoga class, where i was able to stop the busyness in my head and be in the moment, focus on the strengthening positions. the instructor kept commenting on my ridiculous flexibility, but i have to say i never earned it, i was born this way however, the intensity of the class has left me sore this morning, but a good sore!

and the highlight of my week so far, i put on a show with fellow musicians on wednesday. it consisted of different interpretations and arrangements of various Beatles tunes. i find it more rewarding to try to do something different than the original artists recordings when i do covers. well, the show turned out to be a great success! i felt a glow in my heart throughout the entirety of it. i felt like i was breathing again. when i fulfill my purpose, my hearts true longing, THIS is when i can breathe again!

so, onto my next soul calming endeavor!