Wedding Song

Every time there was a star in the sky, the little girl would pray
“Bring me my one true love, bring him to me”
And through the years when she was brave enough
She’d show her heart for a few to see
But each time her heart would say, “he’s not the one for me”
The first time he saw her, she was singing a song happily
And later he was dancing, and was shy as can be
And through his awkward conversation, she recognized his soul somehow
And this is when her heart said that he might be the one for me


All we can be, is who we are, in our hearts
And I thank you for singing my song, when i don’t remember how it goes
For loving me, for who I am

And through the years there was laughter, and other times there were tears
But through it all still together, still hand in hand
And he becomes the man she asked for, more and more everyday
So her heart asked her angel, “Will he be the one for me?”