There’s Always a Silver Lining – A 2017 Year Recap <3

It’s mid February in 2018 right now, and I already have a feeling it’s going to be an enchanting year. However, this most likely may depend on whether I put the necessary effort in or not! I definitely have found myself working my butt off since the year’s begun, but in a good way. Because I’m working on things that I love! But this blog is about my 2017, which was actually a pretty tough year all around. Like hurdles and hardships everywhere. Like when I think back on it I think ugh major. But looking back on my journals I’m able to also pick out some highlights that happened as well, so I guess there’s always a silver lining 🙂

So here goes:

– I went to the Sundance Film Fest, something that has been on my To Do list for ages

– Started and finished my song “Meet You There”, where I write about the part of my life that I haven’t shared because it’s scary. But I’m about to share that this year, the timing finally feels right!

– Got to go to Florida along with Joseph – for his work trip – what perfect timing it was to go somewhere so warm when it was the dead of winter here

– Finished recording my new song “Miss You Love You” with my musical genius producer, Kevin Bents, and I’m so happy with it!!

– Went to one of my favorite places, Woodstock, and learned how to make kombucha, so coolio!

– Started and finished recording “Meet You There”, and I’m so happy with it!! So fulfilling to do so, and with the help of my beautiful teacher Tina Shafer, my voice was much improved to record the vocals

– Genuinely shared about my life a bit and it’s brought me the courage to not hide it anymore and bring it out soon – I was told my life is a badge of honor, so maybe it is!

– Went on mini getaways to Mystic, CT – was so nice and healing to be by the water and to spend time with family!

– Spent a day in NYC with my favorite twin boy nephews, Eric and Jaron! (Little Cody was too young to come but maybe next time!)

– Amazing Songwriter’s Masterclass, plus a wonderful show at The Bitter End where I sang my newest songs

– Breakthrough lesson with Tina – maybe I know I can learn to be the greatest and most genuine version of myself because if she can do it, I can!

– Started writing a new song about a part of my life history that’s wackadoodles but I’m glad I went through it in the end (another silver lining, ha!)

– Celebrated our 5 year Wedding anniversary <3

– Newport, Rhode Island for Christmas

– And of course, so many days and precious moments spent throughout the year, in my beloved NYC <3

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