My Place

I can only sit and wonder, why I didn’t let you in
My heart felt like it was floating, seeing the spark still in you eyes
Your smile is so real it feels like a serenading
Strange how that smile seems to cause me to back away

I can only sit appalled, at why I never let you in
When my heart just keeps on screaming, but to you I appear unshaken
My disguise causes pain to pierce through your eyes
Funny how that pain bounces right on back to me

It’s like my life just dances on by but somehow my heart’s still stuck
I try, to find my place
Though I resist can I find the calm to ease my way out there
Into my place

I can only sit and hope, that I’ll follow what I’ve known
But my heart feels a little frantic, clinging to a hope that’s drifting away
The truth is that my fear, is what keeps me here stranded, astray
Can I let my fear fade you to a mere memory?


Can I let my fear fade you to a mere memory?