Something in the air feels like fear
Hides away all you hold dear
Dark nights full of tears
Wait for the light to reappear
In the light we can’t hide, it makes everything clear
And you’re meant to shine, it’s why you’re here

Find yourself alone, wonderin’ how
To go on when you’re pushed down
Just sing out loud, from the ground
Hurt only by what you allow
You may stand alone, but maybe they’ll come around
You’re so beautiful, don’t be afraid stand proud

CHORUS: Shine, shine, shine
Though you fear it so
Shine, shine, shine
Though you feel alone
Cuz where will the beauty in you go?
Bring it to light, just let it show

If there’s nothing you can stand on today
Show your sparkle anyway
For the world needs you to be brave
So the angels can show you the way
Give the world what’s in your heart, it becomes a better place
What more is there really, shine, come what may