Mysterious You

I know I haven’t known you for very long
But something in your eyes reminds me of how I used to be
And I guess that was enough for chance to place you
Into a part of my heart

There’s a way you walk around in this world
With your unbreakable air and your cool disposition
But I know there’s something more, that you carry inside you
Like you’re afraid for your heart

You know I think we all have a little pain, inside
Believe me I’d be one to understand
And I’m pretty sure that’s what drew you to me
Now I have this little song
Which through your mysteries, I want to thank you for
Your uneasy eyes, they don’t hide your heart

Even now you still remain a mystery to me
But the way you watched my face while I was asleep
Got me scared, got you scared and left us fumbling for words
Still you’re a little place in my heart