Meet You There

I remember the first time we met
You turned away from me, like I’d offended
It’s something I’ve tried to forget
And I can’t help but wonder, was it where I’m from, or the way I look you regret?
What if you gave beauty a chance?
If it’s within me, will you love me for that?
But I just cannot understand
Fear caused by ignorance, take that away, can we all just walk hand in hand?


And I’ll meet you there
Where we’re safe to be you and me
Can I meet you there?
And we’ll dance around wild and free
Maybe we’ll find a way, far beyond all the pain
Where we are all the same
There’s a place in us we all share
Where we’re beautiful

Oh it hurts my heart to see
How we can feel so small, for being who we are
I know at times, we can disagree
But I can’t conceive, that people can treat one another so heartlessly
In this crazy world I adore
Why should I still hide, what I feel here inside
If we learn to understand
I’ll face you and run to you, free my soul, then maybe you’ll take my hand?