Miss You Love You

As I lie here and stare at the candle flame
I wonder if you ever feel the same?

Hey, you over there, it’s been a long time
I’m here again, coming to you and I don’t know why
You pull me out of hiding, now I’m finding we’re not through
So talk to me I’m listening, sing to me I’m tuning into you

You, you make it so hard to stay away
Cuz when you’re gone, my imagination turns to gray
You can stir within me, what I try to hide so carefully
Tho you make me cry, you surely make me see, and I am free

And you say something beautiful, and I can’t help myself
And you sing a song so magical, and it won’t leave my head
And you make my life colorful, and I’m back in you again
Miss you, love you, always

It’s true, that I love you, do you love me too?
Tho may I admit, sometimes I don’t really like you
But I thank you for listening, and for understanding all my fears
It’s taken so much, all of me just to get here


Back To My Soul

Take me away, to a place I understand how to make sense of everything
Like why do you all enter my life and effect me so? I want to know
I must have known you before,
Somewhere in time, before
It’s only a matter of time, before, I know

It is when I see myself standing there, not knowing where to go at these crossroads,
that I wish I were at the part where I knew why, things happen the way they do
Bring me back, to my soul,
Back to my place, that’s my soul
Back to my place, take me away

Take me away, to the place I understand how to make sense of everything
And show why it all happens this way, then falls into place, after it all
I create this place, you know
If I should stay around my soul
In only a matter of time, back to my soul