A little sleep magic ;)

I woke up this morning with a gift of an idea. an answer actually, to something i’ve been pondering. i knew as soon as i was conscious, barely out of my sleep that it was exactly what i’ve been waiting to come up with. but i struggled about getting out of bed and writing it down, i was enjoying lying down amongst my rose-scented-down-filled pillows and comforter! but i forced myself to get up because i’ve lost ideas enough times before, and i wasn’t going to lose this one.

i love the mornings when this happens, i always feel as if i’m in the midst of something almost magical. the most magical ones are when i wake up with a melody of a song. i hear them in my dreams sometimes and if i’m lucky, i can still hear them when i’m barely awake. a true gift from somewhere, really, as i am a songwriter and i know how much work and effort can go into writing a song. the ones that i dream, or the ones that flow out effortlessly are the ones where i feel like i’m getting more assistance than usual. and i am always so grateful.

what i got today, was the way i will thank my parents on my album cover. i’ve been taking the necessary time to write out all the thank you’s on my soon-to-be-released album. it is something i take very seriously, to the point where i get overwhelmed at the possibility that i won’t be able to convey exactly what i want. but as with anything in life, if i take the necessary time and put my heart into creating something that reflects myself and what i want to convey, the answer comes in one way or another. this is how i’ve been able to come up with all the thank you’s and dedications i’ve already written so far. heck, this is how i come up with ANYTHING i want to create!

so, bottomline, i must always keep my senses open to whatever i may be receiving, ESPECIALLY if i’ve asked for it

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