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hello everyone! it’s kiyomi, and i just wanted to offer you all my album for free, if you don’t have it already 🙂

i don’t know if you know, but i’ve stepped away from the music for a bit. to be honest, i’ve been totally burned out. and for those of you who are not independent musicians, this is a very short explanation of what we go through…

it’s a life of instability, where work and money are not consistent. it can be anxiety inducing, but also extremely exhilarating to be doing exactly what you want to do! and we are obviously not in it for anything but our love of music. for some of us, it’s a need and there is no other path.

so i created my album “child in me”, which was released in 2011. i’d literally been working on it since probably 2003. it’s literally a part of me, and the story of my life. it costed thousands to make. i would love to create another album, i would LOVE to! but obviously i have to be realistic and know i can’t keep coughing up thousands of dollars every time i want to record one! so hence, my burnout…

so, why this blog, other than the free download? well, i sang yesterday at my friend’s gig, and i thought, WHY am i not doing what i was born to do?? my soul has been shriveling! and my biggest goal in music is to make it, and try to give it to as many people as i can! share it with the world.


so, i decided i wanted to give away my album to you all, if you don’t have it already. and hopefully, share it if you can, and want to! it’s hard to get it out there just little me trying, so i thought i’d ask for your help!

and i also hoped i could ask a little favor. when you put so much love and energy into something, it can feel really draining to not receive some sort of energy back. i realize the music biz isn’t what it used to be, and music doesn’t see as well as it used to. and i realize that if you have an album, it’s more like a very pricey business card, really, which i’m totally fine with!

but anyway, back to the energies. nothing really gets a second glance without reviews. so i was wondering if after you’ve downloaded my album, you could leave me one on either iTunes or Amazon. it would help me wonders. and maybe, just maybe, i’ll be able to make that 2nd album one day soon 🙂

there was a time i didn’t know if my burnout would ever fade, but it did. music makes me happy, so i always have to come back to it. and hopefully i can give you something through it.

i hope to hear from you soon, and all the links are below.

love & music always,


free album download –

Click here for “Child In Me” (full mp3 album download)

Amazon review (no purchase necessary, scroll to bottom to review button) –

iTunes review (no purchase necessary) –

ps – i’m on Instagram ( now, so follow, if you please 😉

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