Just an ordinary day

5 am~

i wake up way too early with my mind whirling, as usual. i can’t seem to make it stop. sometimes it’s because i’m thinking, about everything and anything. other times i can’t sleep because i feel too ready to start the new day, excited about what i will do when i wake up. set my alarm for later because i know i will be a zombie otherwise.

6 am~

back in dreamland, dreaming about my nephews, for some reason. maybe because they are my favorite people!

9:30 am~

my alarm rings but my head is glued to my pillow. i reset it for 11am.

11 am~

my head is pounding as i hit the alarm. i realize i will have to cancel my appointments for today, for i am sick! but also i feel a need to do my music.


i am freshly showered and i pull my keyboard and mic out into the middle of my living room and practice my songs. relive the moments that inspired them. time flies when i’m immersed in something that brings me peace. then i start writing a new song, i have an intro done… but i have no idea what i’m writing about.

2 pm~

light a pear-scented candle, crack open my journal. i need to sit still and pull out what is in me, away from the hustle and bustle of my mind. maybe i will be given the gift of a song today… or maybe i’ll have to wait for another day… although this day is still young

This reminds me of what i read in a book recently, this quote:

“Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards”.

So all that we do day to day, hour by hour, will hopefully make sense one day… and we’ll understand why we feel the need to push ourselves through life sometimes, to get to where we need to be. and other times we will just enjoy, and take the time to smell the roses.

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