The heart of a musician…

it’s a beautiful thing to see a musician on stage, in their element. for a musician to not do music, is the same as being deprived air or water, it’s another physical need we have. an emotional, mental, and spiritual need as well. “starving artist” (or musician), is probably stemmed from the stereotype that musicians don’t make much money, therefore they are literally starving. but in a world where music is a difficult field to break into… it’s not often enough that we are fed the music we need, hence we are starved, not for money, but for music. and we need music to be fully functional!

musicians are often stereotyped as moody individuals as well, or shall i say, crazy? i will only point that finger at myself however, it is inappropriate and unfair to speak for all musicians here well, a creative being needs to feel multiple emotions, and not just any emotions, but intense emotions, in order to convey all the different shades and colors of life into their artwork. so maybe this is how i can validate my craziness! and think, how would you feel if you hadn’t had food in days??

once a musician is on stage and sharing the gifts we can’t take sole credit for, it feels like we are able to breathe again. and in the end, musicians are just a channel which something higher can use to touch the listeners somehow (and we are all listeners). i guess you could say that this is when we fulfill our purpose.

in the end, we just want to do our music… that’s all.

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