The Wonders of What a Nude High Heeled Shoe Can REALLY Do

Just sitting outside on our cute outdoor metal table and chair with pretty rose designs on it. And my iPad mini is propped up on my nude high heel, lolol!!! I haven’t gotten a case for it yet so Joseph comes outside w my high heel in hand and voila! Too funny 😀

I’ve been trying to figure out what my next step is, after having finished my album. I have been writing and meditating about it, and i realize it needs to be something that inspires me, that makes me get butterflies in my tummy. Yes, another album would be great, but currently it would not be the wisest financial move. Blogging, however, has popped into my mind. And the thought of it does make me happy, it excites me, actually! i love writing!


I wanted to get myself a new MacBookPro, for I am now ALMOST a REAL blogger, who’s toying with the idea of truly committing to a blog. It will probably inspire me to sit outside here more and write, or go to coffee shops and type out my stories while sipping an herbal tea, but nooo, i don’t think buying a new (AMAZING) computer will be the wisest financial move at the moment either, haha! so, my ipad mini propped up on my nude high heel, is what it’s going to be! it’s way easier than lugging my heavy laptop 😛 and it suits me just fine, thank you! hey, and if anyone wants to try this, i highly recommend it 😉

So, the point of this blog? if you are searching for an answer for something, it WILL come! And the one right for you will present itself, and even if your reaction is “what the heck?”, later on , when you look back on all the events that have made up what your life is, you will understand it was perfectly perfect!! I’ve had this reaction a few times when looking back on my life, and it’s pretty cool. so i’ve learned to just trust what my inner self is telling me, when it’s clear enough to see. and until then i just wait patiently, knowing my life is truly in divine order!

and who knows? maybe there is a MacBookPro in my future! Maybe there’s another album in my future! Actually, it’s barely concrete now, but Joseph and i are also toying with the idea of purchasing ProTools, and learning it – well, he would have to learn it and i do the music, i am a techie dummy! – so maybe there will be more music in the near future!! the thought of THAT definitely excites me!! like MASSIVE butterflies in my tummy excited! so i guess that would be an indication that this is the right move for me ;D I’ve wanted to professionally record “Little Angels” and the original “Why” and “Child In Me” for a while!! and new songs!!


Anyway, i’m feeling like i’m in a good place right now, i have a knowing feeling that i’m on to something, my next move is almost apparent. I’m grateful! I’m learning a whole lot from life, from all the books and magazines i read, from everything! and i finally got a pedicure, so my feet are happy too! and today i learned the coolest thing ever, the wonders of what a high heeled shoe can REALLY do 🙂

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