what wonders a honey-scented candle can do!

i woke up this morning feeling absolutely refreshed and renewed. maybe because i had my 2 nephews over for a sleepover and s’mores party the other night and the little one (they are twins but he is 20 mins younger and littler!) poked my shoulder at 5am and said “Kiki… i’m bored”. and then again at 7am, “kiki… what should i do now?” (uh, sleep!!). yes, so i was exhausted yesterday and was able to completely pass the frick out, hence, my very good mood!

i’m burning my fairly new raw beeswax candle and the subtle smell of honey is heady and intoxicating. yummy. it inspires me to write and inspires beauty on this fresh morning. i have already written in my journal, i am so ecstatic that i’ve gotten back into the groove of it, where i feel not whole and unsteady unless i write in it. it brings me back to my center so i can be the best version of myself, at least for the moment.

i’ve recently learned a new trick for feeling better even if i’m in the foulest mood possible. i am one of those people that spreads what i’m feeling at the moment far and wide to anyone i come into contact with in my personal life. so if i’m happy, it’s contagious, if i’m mad, then watch out 😉 so, my trick is that no matter what i may be feeling, i write in my journal 5 things i am grateful for. yes it sounds slightly annoying, but it works. and why would i want to stay in a bad mood and waste a beautiful day? anything’s worth a shot to save a day, in my opinion! of course on the worst days, the last thing i feel like doing is letting anyone or any force out there know that i’m grateful for something when i feel like yelling out all the complaints i have. but there’s always SOMEthing 😉 some examples of stuff off my numerous grateful lists while being in a bad mood:

  • i’m grateful for my new, pretty journal
  • i’m grateful for the nice weather
  • i’m grateful for the vacation that’s coming up (and even if it’s a whole month away, i won’t think about that part :tongue:)
  • i’m grateful for my beeswax candle
  • i’m grateful for artichokes!
  • i’m grateful for sleep, especially when i CAN sleep
  • i’m grateful for the buzz i have from the wine i had w lunch!

haha 🙂 so there’s always something, and if you do it for enough days in a row (i’d say try 21!), then you find it starts to work. try it!  😀

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