Part 2!! …of… The Story of My Not-So-White but Very Red Lace-y and Gold Sparkle-y Wedding Reception


So, part 2 of my wedding reception blog…!  still daunting to write, but i do have the inspiration of some beautiful photos that were taken by Mary & Chris Spurgin, and a couple by Joseph 🙂 Mary has been my friend since childhood, and she generously offered for her and her husband to take pictures during the party.  and they turned out better than i could have imagined!!  Which was a relief for me because the two things i’d really wanted for this celebration, was to have fun, and have documentation of it through beautiful pictures.  Both of my priorities were fulfilled and i couldn’t be more grateful!!



so, the music, the glorious music!… there was so much of it, and i’m honored by the friends & family who wanted to perform.  every one was wonderful, including a performance by my two sisters Kei and Moe.  they sang a very nice version of “The Way I Am” by Ingrid Michaelson 🙂  then i sang a song with Kei (and piano accompanied by YunShim!), called “Pie Jesu” by Andrew Lloyd Webber.  it was nice to go back to singing classical, just like when i trained in college.  and the reason i chose that song was because i sang it at a friend’s wedding.  the first time Joseph saw me was from his seat in that audience, while i was singing it 🙂  Then I sang a song i wrote specifically for the occasion, i call it “Wedding Song”.  My two sisters and Mary accompanied me.  i was just so happy the song came to me in time.  i’ve always wanted to sing a song i wrote for such an occasion, and i was able to.  how lucky am i?  (and i just recorded a video of it which i’m excited to share soon too!!)

my father then shared a few words, and he did an amazing job, considering my mother had volunteered him to speak, but NEVER TOLD HIM!!  but he impressed everyone by giving the most wonderful speech, after running off to the bathroom for only 5 minutes to prepare!  AND, he volunteered on the spot to sing a song, a cappella, which astonished everyone as well!  i’ll just say that we all know, including him, that all of us get our singing genes from my mother (although he can play the piano extremely well!), which makes it more touching that he volunteered to sing anyway, in front of everyone.  he must’ve been really inspired and i’m so grateful!  and then Joseph’s mother said some kind words, portraying her very kind character.  and i’m lucky that Joseph takes completely after his mother!


Joseph went up last to say a few words.  he was very tastefully accompanied by his friend Ray on the djembe, and Ben on the guitar, and everyone said that his and my father’s speeches were so memorable!!

Then came the square dancing, oh it was so much fun!!!  we danced, EVERYONE danced, even my parents who i doubt have EVER danced in their ENTIRE lives!!  i had the most wonderful time, and the most wonderful pictures from it.  we thought we’d bring a little Southern flavor to our NY reception 😉



and then two hours after the dancing started it was time to leave, and as we were packing up to leave, Luigi, who is from the restaurant, gave me one last glass of wine, that put me COMPLETELY into crazy zone, haha!  and Mary had her camera out, and THIS is when most of the pictures were taken!  i don’t even recall half the things i did, don’t remember taking the majority of the pictures, but i have them all as proof!  and some are funny, and some are BEAUTIFUL!!  i’ll just have to say that maybe some force up there was on my side, and knew how important good pictures were to me, because the odds of getting beautiful pictures after 5 hours of prepping, partying, eating, drinking,  performing, and dancing, are NOT very high!  so i must’ve had some force on my side 🙂


all i can vaguely recall (or my sister helped me recall, lol!) is doing the Half Moon yoga pose in public and flashing my undies, (the undie flashing happened QUITE a few times, apparently!), running into a starbucks to go to the bathroom and then sashaying my way out while singing goodbye to all the employees, running around everywhere with no shoes on, and then somehow finding myself walking home in Joseph’s humongous black shoes.  but hey, it was FUN!!! 😀


and luckily no one would have ever known that i was on the verge of canceling the celebration two times, one time being literally a few days before!  maybe it all unfolded just as it should, though.  maybe i was given a hard time by new family members because if i hadn’t, then i would’ve had more time to characteristically focus on all the little things that really don’t matter in the end, and i would’ve let my perfectionistic self not enjoy the day fully.  maybe i was driven to the point of putting my hands up in the air and pushing EVERYTHING aside so i would have no energy left BUT for focusing on creating a good memory NO MATTER WHAT.  maybe, just maybe all the heartache was a blessing in disguise… as a lot of times it is!! 😉  and life often has a way of throwing at us what we feel as unwelcome things.  which in the end though, leads to life unfolding exactly as it should 🙂

And now, gratefully, i will always have beautiful pictures to look at, to bring back beautiful memories, whenever i want to go right back to this most memorable day <3


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The Story of My Not-So-White but Very Red Lace-y and Gold Sparkle-y Wedding Reception (Part I)

So, how does one write about such a big, once in a lifetime (hopefully! ;)) event such as a reception for a wedding? i’ve had the hardest time getting started on this blog today because i feel i need to capture all that the day was, but have feelings of “what if i CAN’T, like, what if my words CAN’T capture it??”. it’s a daunting task, one that has been weighing on me for the past week and a half since the party, but i’ve decided to just forge ahead and simply write whatever’s in my heart. i don’t think i can go wrong with this method, can i? we shall see, won’t we 😉

Well, to sum it up, it was a beautiful day. A beautiful and fun-filled, family & friends oriented day full of music that i will always & forever remember. And was it perfect? well, for me it was! because my main goal was to create a lifelong beautiful memory, and to have a BALL, and that certainly got accomplished!! That was what was at the top of my list, and a BIG check next to that!!

Well, just because i decided to focus mainly on fun, music and memories, didn’t mean that i was in a state of denial about the things that were less than perfect. i wasn’t being a pink flamingo with my head buried in the sand about it. because being that way in general doesn’t really get you very far either. i was aware of everything that didn’t go right, i just chose not to let it bother me. hmmm, life lesson here? yes, maybe this is an attitude that i (we all) can capture and apply to our lives in general? nothing’s ever going to be perfect, but you can still create something MARVELOUS, just based on your attitude!!



Anyway, because i decided it was going to be an amazing day, PERIOD, do you think i freaked out that my hair wasn’t looking too hot at all on the day i’m supposed to look the most beautiful in my whole life? no, i didn’t sweat it. i focused on what WAS right, and that was my outfit! Although the pictures aren’t available just yet, my dress was all gold with red lace over it, with a short puffy skirt and a red tutu underneath. my sparkly pale gold strappy heels were perfect with it, and Joseph bought me the most STUNNING, sparkly gold & white gold necklace, that completed the outfit. So i felt like a princess!! 😀

AND when the beautiful canvases i ordered to show everyone got delivered to us the day AFTER the party, did i freak? no, i didn’t sweat that either. i just told myself (and Joseph) that i would simply display them on my blog!! so here is a shot of our beautiful canvases being shown for the first time 😉


The first photo is the first day we hung out, all the way back in 2007 (although we met in ’06), where he made me a ring (that fit perfectly!) out of a dollar bill and placed it on my finger. i guess he knew he’d marry me from day one! the second is the day he proposed, and the third is when we got married in our living room <3

so there, i got to feel like a princess AND show the canvases after all!

i also got to show a lot of our empty wine bottles that are scattered across our place. if you watch some of my youtube videos, they are in the background a lot. they all mark significant or memorable times we had while drinking the wine. i have written on every single one of them in gold, the date and the occasion. or sometimes it’s from just an ordinary day (i find magic in the ordinary!), such as once when we just enjoyed sitting outside on the first warm day after winter. on that bottle it says, “beautiful moments is what life is all about”. all the bottles mark wonderful memories from times gone by, and i wanted to share them somehow. soooo, i filled the bottles halfway with water, bought long stem flowers, stuck them in and put them at the center of all the tables! the one that ended up on our table was the champagne bottle from our living room wedding ceremony 🙂

one of the most important things that was so RIGHT about the party was the music. There were wonderful performances and words by friends &amp; family, and i got to perform as well. and one of the most magical things for me (there were many!) that i was so grateful for was a song that came to me fairly easily and quickly, one i wrote called “Wedding Song”. i’ve always known i’d want to sing a composition of mine specifically written for my wedding DURING my wedding, but never quite said it out loud in case the song didn’t come to me. but it did! but more on that later (and i’m also planning a video of it soon!)

of course all the music made everything magical for me <3 AS did the wine, and there was plenty of both! But all that is a whole other blog, part deux to this one, to be exact 😉 and i haven’t even gotten started on the square dancing and the crazy things i supposedly did that i don’t remember very clearly but only heard about, after one too many glasses of wine! so hopefully i will see you when my next blog comes out, and the pictures should be with me by then too, so hopefully if i like them, i will share! see you at my next blog!! 😉 😉 <3

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